Environment & Sustainability

Sustainable gardening-walled garden

Sustainability at Cossington Park

We’re committed to sustainability, reducing our environmental impact, and contributing to our local community and economy.

We try to keep our environmental impact to a minimum by conserving natural resources during the cleaning and maintenance of Cossington Park, whilst maintaining high standards for all our guests.

Gold Standard Green Tourism  

Cossington Park is a Gold member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme .

Green Tourism works to promote a greener, cleaner environment, for people, places, and the planet. They recognise and support eco-friendly tourism businesses with an internationally respected accreditation programme.

Our Sustainability Practices

Eco-friendly cleaning

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible whilst maintaining Covid-secure cleaning standards.

EV Charging

For guests with electric vehicles, we provide EV Charging Points at both Cossington Park House and Cossington Park Cottage.

Sustainable Green procurement

We aim to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible when purchasing products and working with suppliers.

We use local companies and artists and buy local, organic, and fair-trade products.


We aim to keep our water and detergent usage to a minimum by washing bedlinen and towels weekly when guests are staying. Guests are welcome to request more regular washes if needed.

We wash at 40 degrees using the safest washing powders, reducing our energy use.


We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, tins, foils, and glass and encourage our guests to do the same. We also recycle and compost all kitchen waste for use in the gardens.

Supporting our community

We support our local church and community by opening Cossington Park for community events, providing welcome support for local causes.

The local primary school has often used the gardens for their outdoor learning.

Sustainable Energy use

We are responsible users of energy.

Cossington Park House and Cossington Park Cottage use energy from solar panels in the grounds. We also use an environmentally friendly biomass (wood chip) heating system throughout the estate.

Sustainable Gardening

We capture rainwater for use in the gardens and use compost created from our kitchen waste

Organic salads and vegetables grown in the walled vegetable are available for guests in the growing season.

Wildlife friendly

The gardens are managed to encourage wildlife and provide a protected environment for rare trees and plants.

Our wildlife pond contains rare great crested newts. There are owl, bird, and bat boxes in the grounds, several wildlife areas, and a protected badger run.

We use wildlife-friendly planting that supports, bees, insects, and other wildlife.  99.9% of our plants are perennial.

The orchard is abundant with rare yellow cowslips in spring, providing an important early nectar source for various insects.

wild-life friendly bug and bee hotel