EV Charging Points

We provide EV charging points at Cossington Park House and Cossington Park Cottage.

You can sit down and relax in your accommodation whilst your electric car charges for the next day’s adventures. No need to worry that you won’t have enough range to explore properly when you stay.with us.

Our chargers are Norwegian-made 7KW Easee smart chargers which are well-made and reliable.

You’ll find the EV chargers in the parking areas for each property.

Use of our EV chargers is subject to our EV Charging Protocol.

EV Charging Policy and Fees

If you’d like to use the EV chargers when you stay with us, it’s essential you let us know when you book your accommodation.

If a vehicle is connected to one of our chargers without advance notice the charger will be locked and you will be unable to remove it from your vehicle.

The following fees apply for use of our EV Chargers:

  • For each connection – £5.00
  • For each kWh – £0.55

Note that different electric vehicles will require different cables so guests will need to bring their own Type 2 cable.

Domestic electric vehicle chargers

Some electric vehicle manufacturers provide domestic chargers. Please note that these are not allowed at Cossington Park as they can create a fire hazard.

Connection from vehicles to the electricity supply using a 3-pin plug is strictly prohibited.

Please note that all use of our chargers is subject to compliance with the Cossington Park EV Charging Policy.

Local EV Charging Points

There are also lots of places to charge your vehicles whilst you’re out and about in the wider Somerset area.

See the Car Wow website for full details of UK EV charging points.