“We saw many electric-blue damsel-flies mating on the water in the warm morning sunshine.”

At Cossington Park we keep a book for guests to record wildlife notes as well as our usual guest comments book; we have so much local wildlife enjoying the grounds that it is lovely to share sightings with future guests, and our staff love reading the notes.

This is just one guest’s observations over the week they were with us – we think they paint a picture of the tranquillity and yet vibrant nature of our gardens.

“Claire – your gardens are an absolute joy! Beautifully laid out and wonderful choice of plants – what bliss to work in these gardens!

I see from your garden notes in this book you are trying to plant to attract a diversity of insects etc. Can I therefore suggest in your wild areas you allow a large patch of nettles to grow for the many varieties of butterflies that lay their eggs on these? Also in these areas, teasels are wonderful for attracting goldfinches for their seed heads.

I see you use blue slug pellets in your garden. Do you have hedgehogs in your garden? I recommend ‘slug-gone’ wool pellets as a completely safe slug-deterrent that won’t kill any wildlife.

If you are trying to grow more wild flowers in your field areas, grow yellow-rattle and this will allow more wild seeds to thrive.

We saw many electric-blue damsel-flies mating on the water in the warm morning sunshine.

I scooped up a fledgling blue-tit from under the tree with seats and popped him higher up in the tree.

The ‘clattering’ of friendly jackdaws were waiting each morning on the roof-tops above your herb garden, waiting for their breakfast.

The swifts, swallows and house-martins performed their acrobatic swoops, glides and dives for us above the front lawns.

I look forward to returning again and seeing how your gardens change in the seasons.

Truly beautiful gardens – well done to your gardening team!”

If you would like to see our lovely gardens and stay in the comfortable and historical home that is Cossington Park, please feel free to check our calendar online to view availability and prices.