Just one amazing thing about Cossington Park is that it attracts a wide variety of wildlife.

Fortunately for us a neighbour has managed to capture some amazing photographs of recent visitors:

Our former gardener, who was very much in touch with nature, wildlife and gardening, set up a book for guests of Cossington Park to write their wildlife findings. We have extracted some of our favourite quotes:

“We saw a grey squirrel trying to hide at the top of a leafless tree!”

“During our stay, we saw lots of ladybirds, heard the cows, saw two deer racing across the meadows and a fox!”

“The woodpecker greeted us on our first day. The blackbirds were busy, but the smaller birds were hiding, probably due to the clear frosty morning.”

“We were treated to the sight of four deer enjoying an evening nibble in the fields beyond. Red deer or muntjac not quite sure, but they sported white marked bottoms!”

“The sighting of the weekend was a beautiful owl; it swooped down onto the lawn, stayed for a minute, flew onto the bridge and then away into the tree. What a wonderful sight! Made our weekend.”

“The only wildlife we saw was us!!” ~ Hen Do Guests