The owner, Graham Wason, with Cossington Park team members and an invited guest, spent an overnight stay in both Park House and Park Cottage to see how everything worked and what could be improved to make sure future guests enjoy their stay at Cossington Park Estate.

By posing as guests they made the initial booking, sorted out bedding requirements, ordered the shopping, received arrival instructions and the normal guest welcome – exactly as the guests do.

Once ensconced in the property the evening meal was prepared, cooked, served (and happily eaten!).  By sleeping in all the bedrooms, team members were able to experience the quality and comfort of the beds, the bedding and towels, everything a guest receives – and to notice those tiny glitches that periodically occur in a listed property.

After a well-cooked breakfast the team then sat down and highlighted areas for improvement and any equipment they felt would be an additional asset.

This exercise was found to be really worthwhile and the team propose to do it again periodically to ensure that high standards are achieved.