Most bedrooms are named after their unusual brass door knockers, hence for example: ‘Chaucer’, ‘The Pump Room’ and ‘The Cobbler’.

‘The Trusty Servant’ seems particularly appropriate as this was for a time the maid’s room. I like to imagine that two friars once slept in the large twin beds in ‘Jolly Monks’ and, in the same room, ‘Great Tom’, the name of the bell in Shaftesbury Abbey, seemed appropriate for the large cast-iron rolltop bath.

The one name that hasn’t adhered to its door knocker is ‘The Victory’ – this should have been appropriate as some of the Admiral’s memorabilia are here, but the room has not been able to shake off its functional name of ‘The Nursery’ – perhaps unsurprising as both antique and modern cots are to be found here. Graham, Owner