Cossington Park took part in the most recent Bristol, Bath & Somerset Awards. The  awards got us into the final, where Cossington were delighted to be awarded Bronze in the Self Catering Accommodation of the Year category!

We have listed below some of the comments the inspectors left for us:

Overall testimonial from the inspector:
“Cossington Park is a holiday let unlike any other. As you drop your bags you are stepping into a property from which the “owners'” appear to have just popped out. The house is rammed full of antiques, books and collectables seemingly amassed over the many generations that the family has been custodians. But this is not some grubby, eccentric home stay; for as you quickly realise the scrupulously clean interior and fantastically maintained exterior are the product of a fiercely efficient hospitality operation.”

“External Areas – 10/10
The property is immaculate. The grounds are manicured and it is well signposted from the road.”

“Cleanliness – 10/10
For a place so full of things, it is truly incredible how completely spotless the place was. Every single inch of the property looked scrubbed and spick and span.”

“Accessibility – 9/10
The park cottage has M1 and M2 accreditation and for guests who take the house and the cottage there is an easy access route into the house where most of the ground floor rooms are reasonably accessible although there are some steps between some of the rooms.
The information on the website re accessibility is very brief and there is no real explanation as to what the M1 and M2 accreditation means for those who might not know. The link to the full accessibility information is very small and at the very foot of the page. It is reasonable as far as it goes but could be substantially improved if pictures were included too.
The main house and the cottage are able to accommodate larger family groups etc and dogs can be accommodated too.”

Whilst we gained a score of 9 out of 10, the above review enlightened us to the fact that our website does not explain what the M1 and M2 accreditation means and our information pages are short and do not contain images to explain further but also that the pages are hidden at the bottom of our website. We are currently working on a bigger and better accessibility page, including images and more information about the accreditations, as well as making it more prominent on our website – watch this space for further updates.

“Category Specific Section – 10/10
The interior of the property is just amazing. It is stuffed full of antiques and curios (and thousands of books) and has the feel of a family home from which the owners have temporarily gone in order to fetch some milk from the local village store. Because of the age of the property, individual rooms are comparatively small BUT there are a lot of them. The dining room added in 20th century is an exception to this as it has Victorian proportions. The bathrooms are a real surprise as they are modern and extremely well appointed.”


  • Absolutely stunning accommodation.
  • Efficient organisation
  • Beautiful location.”